Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Pioneer in the Domain Industry

If we talk about domain industry, it cannot be separated from Adam Dicker, the expert and the pioneer in this field. In his site Adam Dicker talks much about domain industry and many other things related to it. The visitors are given a chance to ask questions having to do with domains, such as domain sales, search engine optimization (SEO), domain optimization, marketing, and affiliate programs. With his experience and expertise, Adam Dicker will respond to those questions as well as possible.

On April 1st he will launch a new blog. We hope that this blog will be very useful to all of us. Adam Dicker is also the VP at Godaddy and what he has done will be a great PR move for Godaddy.

Those who want to register a domain name can ask for domain name advice. As a true leader in the domain industry, Adam Dicker can give his best advice. He really knows which domain names have a good selling point.

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