Monday, November 1, 2010

Aldo's Pianito, play piano through a computer keyboard

Suitable for children - Aldo pianito is a program to play piano through a computer keyboard .Aldo's Pianito is a program simulator of an intuitive and fun for children , so your children will love to learn music. Piano features 128 different instruments, 48 percussion inmstrumen. Through this digital piano you can record songs to the accompaniment MP3, MIDI, or other audio to an unlimited number. Keyboard keys will function as a piano tut.

Download Aldo's Pianito
size: 0.5 MB (532 kb)

Features of Aldo's Pianito:

· Keyboard letters now can be displayed in the piano keyboard.
· +50 different types of chords are preset!!!
· The "Robot Player" will play in duet with you bringing melody to your song.
· Play 2 instruments simultaneously pressing Alt to play with the alternate instrument.
· Use the Function keys to select one of the 12 preset instruments.
· Tempo let you increase/decrease the speed of recorded songs and reverberation is now optional.
· Use the PgUp/PgDn keys to change of instruments sequentially or use Esc for mute.
· Realtime MIDI or WAVE recording (Registered version creates standard MIDI files, non registered version creates proprietary MIDI files).
· Play MP3, MIDI or WAVE files as background music.

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