Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wolfram Alpha New Search Engine Style

Wolfram Alpha was the New Search Engine that could reorganise our method in used the website. As the new competitor Google or yahoo!, Wolfram|Alpha has been compared to those engines. Since launching last week, millions of users website was curious wanted to try the new capacity of this new machine.
Wolfram AlphaWolfram Alpha or like in their website was written as Wolfram|Alpha that recently was launched to the public after around two months ago this name began introduced. Unlike Google or Yahoo With this engine, you will get new experience in which the matematical as the results, include chart, math formulas or could be 3d color images. The other input query search you can use are engineering, dates & times, physics, money, measures, & geography places.

The answer from Wolfram Alpha was results of the computation from various objective datas with the Implementation of various models, methods, and algorithm.

Oke, learn more and try this machine here : Wolfram Alpha input


  1. dicoba ya search engine-nya....bisa nyaingin google mungkin

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  6. I think a fall surge is a real possibility, especially with a little careful marketing (like getting mentioned in TechCrunch). Look at the drop in Wolfram use on the chart, sure, it makes the launch just look like a spike, but it also happens in summer. Wolfram will be very useful to returning students, if they catch on to it. In fact, this suggests the initial launch was poorly timed, or else they wanted to get some early buzz to percolate a bit until the new school year.


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