Friday, December 21, 2007

Closing not responsive programs automatically

Usually in windows to stop the not resposive programs manually using windows task manager or with CTRL + ALT +DELETE keys. Sometimes these not-responsive programs have creates some problems to run windows and others programs property. We can configure our computer to manage these not-responsive programs automatically. Windows has a feature that will close all not responding program automatically. this simple way using editing windows registry then you can configure your computer for this purpose.

Ok,follow these steps to configure windows registry for auto end task:

- First click on Start button then type "Regedit" in Run option -->enter
- in these Registry Edito windows -->go to Hkey_Current_User\Control Panel\Desktop
- in right side panel, double click on "AutoEndTasks" and here its default value is 0. Now change it to 1. Now windows will close your all not-responsive programs automatically.
-Finish..close the registry editor and restart your computer to changes effect.

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