Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama same sex, same sex gay marriage

Obama sex - Obama's support for gay marriage - The U.S President Barack Obama, he has completed what he calls as the "evolution" on gay marriage. And after equivocating on the issue for more than a year, he now says that the "same sex marriage" should be legal. President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage makes it a prominent issue in the November election. same sex gay marriage. Others said the u.s president was going to speak out for the obama same-sex marriage at some point before the Democratic convention.

Support for gay marriage has risen rapidly in polls, particularly among young people. That stands at 50% in the most recent Gallup Poll, up from 27% in 1996. A married gay couple is featured, with little controversy, on the nation's second most popular TV sitcom, Modern Family.

At wednesday may/11/2012, Barack Obama jumped off the fence he has been straddling for several years and said that he personally favors gay relationship, cheering both supporters who think it's about time and opponents who believe he has taken a gulp of political poison.

The Democratic sources said that Obama knew he had to voice his support before the convention when the Democratic Party is likely to include a pro-same-sex marriage plank in its platform. And whatever timeline he had was moved up after Biden spoke candidly in favor of "same sex marriage" during a television interview taped last Friday for NBC's "Meet the Press."

...However, Barack Obama's newly declared stance does little to change the legal status for gay people who wish to wed in the states where such marriages are outlawed. Thirty-one U.S states have passed constitutional amendments or legislation against same-sex marriage.


  1. He is really very smart men. Gay people are very influential.

  2. Unfortunately, presidential opinion does not set a law to paper.

  3. i think it's just for popularity


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