Sunday, December 16, 2007

Internet related file types

If you want to know what all those file types when you see on the web.Below is a list of Internet related file types with associated file extensions and sites to get details .
ARJ compressed file
ARJ file archiver, ARJ Software, Inc.

Active Streaming Format multimedia file
Microsoft Internet Information Server

Active Server Page script file
Microsoft Internet Information Server

AUdio sound file

Windows video clip multimedia file
Microsoft Windows

OS/2 or Windows BitMAP image file
Microsoft Windows

Windows CABinet compressed file
Microsoft Windows

Channel Definition File
Channel Definition Format

CorelDRaw drawing file
Corel Corporation homepage

Cold Fusion script file
Allaire Corp. -- Cold Fusion

Common Gateway Interface script/program file
The Common Gateway Interface

Java compiled byte-code applet/program file
Java home page

Corel clipart image file
Corel CMX Viewer

Cascading Style Sheet markup file
W3C -- Web Style Sheets

Comma Separated Value text file

Dynamic HyperText Markup Language file

Director multimedia file
Macromedia Director

Windows Dynamic Link Library program file
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Word DOCument file
Microsoft Word

EXEcutable program file

Graphics Interchange Format image file

Gnu Zip compressed file
GNU zip

Macintosh compressed file

HyperText Markup Language file
W3C - HyperText Markup Language

Internet database connector HTML template file

Internet Database Connector script file

GEM paint image file

Java ARchive compressed file
Java Development Kit 1.2 -- JAR Guide

Java source code file
Java home page

Joint Photographic Experts Group image file
JPEG home page

JavaScript source file
Netscape's JavaScript Reference

Netscape packetized audio file

Musical Instrument Digital Interface music file
Introduction into MIDI

QuickTime MOVie multimedia file

.MPG, .MPEG, .MP2, .MP3
Moving Picture Experts Group multimedia file
MPEG Pointers and Resources

Zsoft paintbrush image file

adobe acrobat Portable Document File
Adobe Acrobat

PerL script file
Perl home page

Portable Network Graphics image file
Portable Network Graphics home page

Persistance of Vision Ray tracer picture file
POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer

Portable PixelMap image file

adobe acrobat PostScript document file
Adobe Systems Inc.

.RA, .RAM, .RM
Real Audio multimedia file
RealNetworks, The Home of RealAudio, RealVideo and RealFlash

Windows REGistry entries file
Microsoft Windows

Rich Text Format document file
Microsoft Windows

Truevision TarGA image file

Tagged Image File Format image file

plain TeXT file

Wave sound file
Microsoft Windows

Windows WRIte format document file
Microsoft Windows

Virtual Reality Modeling Language file
The VRML Consortium

X BitMap image file

eXtensible Markup Language file
Extensible Markup Language

PKZIP compressed file

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