Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fresh Computer Tips and Tricks

To Take a Screen Capture:
1. Be sure whatever you want to capture is showing on your monitor
2. Push the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard in the upper right hand side (this puts a copy of the screen on the computers “clipboard)
3. Open “Word” or whatever program you want to place the screen capture in.
4. Click once to get an insertion point then hold the Ctrl key and push and release the letter V on your keyboard one time to “paste” the screen capture.
5. You can then click on the picture and use the format button that appears under picture tools at the top of your screen to: change text wrapping (small dog icon) to “tight” and (use the cropping tool) “crop” the picture. Note: “picture tools” only appear if you have a picture selected.

To Change the “Text Wrapping” around pictures or screen captures in word:
1. Paste a screen capture or insert a picture into word
2. Click once on the picture and the “picture tools” format tab appears (if not, click once on the picture again to be sure you have it selected)
3. Be sure to actual click on the “format” tab that shows up under the “picture tools” so you see the picture tool choices.
4. On the “picture tools” format bar click the text wrapping icon (looks like a little dog)
5. I suggest choosing “tight” wrapping so text flows closely around the picture

To “Crop” a picture or screen capture in word:
1. Paste the picture or screen capture into word and change the “text wrapping”
2. Click on the picture to display the “picture tools” format tab, be sure you have actual clicked on the format tab to show the picture tools & click the “cropping tool”
3. Move over one of the black lines on the picture and click, hold, and drag to cut off parts of the screen capture or picture.

To “Save” an image from a web page (so you have the original picture file on your disk):
1. Right click on the picture you want
2. From the popup list, choose “Save picture as”
3. Find a place on your disk to save the picture (you may need to “rename” it so you recognize it)
a. Note: If the “Save picture as” option is grayed out, you can still get the picture by taking
a “screen capture” of the page and cropping it.

To “Insert” a saved image file into your word document:
1. save the picture file on your disk first and then get into word
2. place your insertion point where you want the picture and click on the “insert” menu
3. Choose “picture” from the choices
4. Browse to find the picture on your disk and then double click it to insert it into your document(change text wrapping to “tight” so you can then move the picture around more easily).

To Save a file as “Rich Text Format” (so you can open it in most any word processing program):
–Be aware that doing this increases the size of the original file about 10 times!
1. Open the original file in your word processing program (such as word).
2. Go to the “office button” in office 2007 or “file” menu in other programs and
choose “save as”
3. Underneath the file “name” box is another box that says “save as type”. Click the down arrow next to this box and choose “rich text format” out of the list of options.
4. Your file extension should change to .rtf and you can then click the “save’ button.

To Copy Text from a Web Site:
1. Use your mouse to “select” the text from a web page (click, hold, and drag through the text)
2. After you have a chunk of text selected, on your keyboard hold the Ctrl key and hit the letter C one time to grab a copy the text (this places that chunk of text on your computer clip board)
3. Open “Word” or whatever program you want to place the text in.
4. Hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and hit the letter V one time to “paste” the text.
5. A small clipboard will pop up on your screen at the end of the text you have
pasted. Click the down arrow by that clipboard and you can decide if you want to “match destination” styles or keep source formats.

To Switch your Word 2007 to Default to Single Spacing:
1. On the “home” tab in word 2007 click the “change styles” drop down list
2. Choose “style set” out of the choices
3. Choose “Word 2003” (note this will not change the default font or margins or anything else. It will simply change your default line spacing to single spacing instead of the 1.2 spacing Word 2007 has as the default.)


  1. Hwarakadah, saya dah donlot hardcopy, software gratisan buat screen capture.

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