Friday, March 7, 2008

MX Logic Anti Spam Services

In every day businesses receive thousands of fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive emails. Deleting spam is time consuming, email server performance is affected and the security of your network is at risk from malicious emails.

MX Logic Anti Spam Managed Email and Web Security Services is a secure way of eliminating unwanted messages attempting to come in your business communication environment by using the most comprehensive and most affordable, easy to use managed service option available in your business with their anti-spam service.
The MX Logic Email Defense Service detects and blocks phishing emails, and stops the latest in spam threats, such as attachment spam.

The MX LogicSM Message Archiving is a Secure, Compliance Control, and Storage Control email archiving for the proper handling of electronic communications. Your business can benefit from the robust and advanced electronic archiving capabilities with their fully-managed service to protect your business.


  1. yes these days spamming is headache for every internet user. I hope that MX Logic Anti Spam wud do perfect work to get rid from this................

    Download Anti Spam Tools
    Windows Server Monitor

  2. thanks ,
    especially from almost all internet marketers and affiliates used to purchase or collect emails through different sources, in other words, internet users used to surf on different entertaining programs and money making programs.
    and anyway, most of people don’t know spamming especially new Internet users, they used to contact spammer by sending reply for their emails. so, spammers may send as many emails as possible as per email user interest. so, don’t give reply for every spam email.

  3. when you put your email in public places just put it from this format YOURMAILID AT ex: mymail AT
    Avoid spammers


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