Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sales Training

Sales Department plays a very important role in marketing. Therefore, sales personnels should get sufficient sales training in order to enhance their sales performance. The good sales performance will certainly increase selling volume of a company.

Encore provides interactive and integrated sales training programs. The programs held by Encore are very good and consist of many sales training topics, such as how to build trust and credibility with clients, how to be a good seller, and how to present customer-focused solutions. Through these training programs, it is expected that sales personnels will have more skills in their field and increase their confidence which will in turn increase the profit margin.

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  1. Akhirnya muncul juga suhu..

    kamu kemana aja wan kaya ditelan bumi..para penggemarmu pada tanya ke aku..aku jawab aja "emang dia pacarku..mana aku tau" hihihi

    sudah dapat berapa dollar friend?


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