Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wireless Network Tips

Is Wireless Hub and Switch the Same Thing?
Yes and no. A switch can be described as a smart hub. A switch is used to connect computers and devices on a network, but is able to distinguish where to send transmissions.Generally speaking, in a home wireless network, all you will need is a wireless hub. Larger, more complex networks, such as in offices, should consider using switches.

Wireless Network Access Point Definition
An access point is a station that broadcasts wireless internet to other computers in the wireless network. An access point can be a router, computer, or special access point equipment. It can also be called a base station or hot spot.

Connecting a Wireless Device
Wireless devices come with a USB adapter that plugs into a USB port on your computer. On the underside of this adapter there should be a little button that you can press. Once pressed, your adapter will start looking for wireless signals that are being transmitted by wireless devices. Now, look at the underside of your wireless device as there should be a "connect" button there as well. Once the "connect" button is pressed on the wireless device it will start to send signals wirelessly to the USB adapter letting it know that it is there, and ready to be connected.

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