Tuesday, April 8, 2008

hack PayPal and such sites

Paypal Hacked...?
Users say keeping it simple...?

Means ..Its a shame that such a well known secure net bank is being hacked, but it is just a bunch of code afterall, and you cant beat the hole in the ground, even if it is primitive.

As useful tool as paypal is, it should not be allowed to run if money is being stolen and accounts are being hacked
As far as I know PayPal itself is practically 100% secure. I haven't heard of any successful attempts to access their databases and such. Realising this people have almost stopped attempting to 'hack' PayPal and such sites. Instead, as has been mentioned before in this thread, the 'hackers' attempt to infiltrate your computer with trojans, key loggers and the like. They can also hack your email with relative ease, I believe.

Talking of email hacking, ydjluv: you should probably edit your post and remove or change the form your email is in. Otherwise it could be picked up by the wrong people!

Unfortunately, this gives PayPal and similar companies the edge over customers who have had their money stolen as they can in the majority of cases argue that it is the fault of the customer.
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