Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tattoos offers top quality tattoo designs

Hello, readers ,Wanna see your tattoo in Web's largest source for free tattoo designs and galleries, on their home page or as one of the entries intheir View ?.This is basically a social networking website to show off your tattoos

Here is you can downloads these tattoo ideas or upload your own time and browse the collection and their members now have uploaded 37521 tattoo ideas. Then take yourtattoo photos Popular. They are a group of tattoo enthusiasts who could not find a good tattoo site that did not charge money. is an online community for tattoo enthusiasts, artists, studios, and anyone else who is interested in tattoos. It's a community for people to converse, meet, and get information. They provide engaging place for people from all over to view tattoos, Their mission is to remove the stereotypes that surround this great art form while providing a medium for those who love it. Enjoy!

And now .do you think is cool? Please share it with your friends. Better yet, create a free profile with all your tattoos and have your friends and family rate them! ,Let's Upload your photo today and share your great tattoo ideas. Let your art be known, take some pictures of your tattoos and upload them to be shown on this site, Its too easy ..



  1. I love Tatto ..., tapi nggak mau pasang tato .... haram he he

  2. hehe..ya menurut hadist emang haram..tapi nge-review nggak haram kan..? karena ini jenis-nya budaya bukan kejahatan , kita harus toleran juga dg budaya org , karena orang Indonesia sendiri utk naik Haji dan Umroh juga naik pesawat buatan orang2 non Islam kan ...

  3. hmm... boleh gk ya ngereview kayak ginian.. kan jadi promosiin jasa yg gk halal... tanya ustadz ah, hehe..

    anyway, mari bertukar link...

    saya sudah pasang TEXT LINK ke sini di 2 tempat, harap di-link back =)

    1/ >> harap link dgn text "lowongan-kerja-baru"

    2/ >> harap dilink dgn text "lowongan-kerja-panas" (link ada di halaman depan bagian bawah)

    PS ::

    a/ traffic kami sudah lebih dari 500+ pengunjung per hari. Karenanya situs / blog Anda semakin dikenal banyak orang.

    b/ dua2nya punya banner. Kalau mau ngelink pake banner boleh juga =)

    c/ YANG MAU DAPAT BACKLINK, silakan datang ke situs saya dan baca penjelasannya =)

  4. Tapi saya lebih percaya Britney Spears dari pada pak Ustadz ,karena Britney Spears baru di lihat aja sudah nyaman,....hohohoho, ...thanks, banyak atensinya ..akan sy linkback,..


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