Thursday, May 8, 2008

Advice Your Kids with Internet

Worrying parents.. or you should be worrying about what the kids are doing and saying.. ,but i didn't have an answer for your question about this topic., then , please check out this link Catatan Lasya , this site is talking about anything kids problems. The site authorized by Mrs.Lilik , she's a nice mother and she knows how to be a Good Parent.

Oke.. for additional information, the Internet is full of interesting web sites and is a great way to meet new friends across the world who share your interests. Unfortunately, not everyone you meet on the World Wide Web is friendly and some people even pretend to be someone they're not....then
Below some interesting web sites about advice your kids and advice for parents ,please ..:

Advice for Kids
  • - fun and games
  • - Yahoo! kids search engine
  • - BBC Schools
  • - homework help
Advice for Parents

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  1. Your recomended site is very useful for parenting ... hihihi :


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