Saturday, June 28, 2008

BIOS backup-Settings (CMOS Memory)

bios backup and guideHere ,for yourFix BIOS repair,backup,BIOS Utilities & Flash Programs
BIOS Central >>
BIOS Central is intended to be a technical reference home site for technicians and advanced computer users who troubleshoot computers using Power-On Self-Test cards or diagnostics, developers or technicians who want to find or add POST code information, users who want to flash their BIOSes, people who want to solve computer hardware or firmware problems, and anyone who wants to submit or read a competent review on PC maintenance products like diagnostic software, test cards, and recovery tools and other utilities.

BIOS Backup Tutorials - Guide >>
Fix BIOS >>
The BIOS KIT instructions are provided as a photographically illustrated "WEBSITE ON DISK". This allows you to use your web browser in a local mode (directed to your CDROM) to sequence through each illustrated step. Each operation is described and illustrated specifically for the non-technical user

BIOS bcakup Tools :

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