Monday, December 15, 2008

How Make Very Faster Mozilla FireFox Browser

Busby SEO Testwith Faster Mozilla FireFox BrowserAs we know mozilla firefox was the browser the enoughness powerfull and user friendly and also enthused many almost by all consumers internet peoples on the world, at last time I have written computer tips about the ways cracking the mozzila firefox system be quicker for old version and now for new version , Oke let's go test and shoot following steps :

1- Open Your Mozilla Firefox , then type “ about:config” ( without quotation mark), at url address

2- Then within page configuraton firefox that ( emerging commemoration) click yes.

3- Look at filter search bar :
- in configuraton page, type “ network.http.pipelining”. Ascertain the value have been set with value “ true”. If still “ false”, double click to make it “ true”.
- Type “ network.http.pipelining.maxrequests”. Double click at this option and change this value to "8"
- Type “ network.http.proxy.pipelining”, double click to change this value to ‘ true’.
- Type “ network.dns.disableIPv6?. Double click to change this value to ‘ true’

4- Right click on empty area then select:
. - boolean. type “ content.interrupt.parsing” --> come up windows popup click Ok. then at come up the choice prompt, click ‘ true’.
Next, look at:

- New –> integer. type “ content.max.tokenizing.time”. enter the value of 2250000.
- New –> integer. type “ content.notify.interval”. enter the value of 750000 - New –> boolean. type “ content.notify.ontimer”. Select;Choose "true"
- New –> integer. type “ content.notify.backoffcount”. fill in value "5"
- New –> integer. type “ content.switch.threshold”. Fill in the value of 750000
- New –> integer. type“nglayout.initialpaint.delay”. Fill in the value "0"

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