Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nasza klasa

Such as tuenti from madrid that, Nasza klasa is a social nettwork website, the property from a school in poland. and today now in 2008 their member have more 11 million people.

I think there's contains biggest member of social network site, after tuenti from spanish that. For more informations please the site on

Ok, following,that i think a cool tips about hiding a file into the picture/image.

Siji-1 :
Collect your files want to hiding and compress grow into one by using Winrar.
Take example the file name is dodol.rar

loro-2 :
Prepare a picture file (. jpg).
For example the file name is cantik.jpg

telu-3 :
Place these files ( File cantik.jpg and dodol.rar ) in the same directory.
Example Drive c:

papat-4 :
Open the dos command prompt and type :
c:\>copy / b cantik.jpg+dodol.rar secret.jpg

limo-5 :
Then would be created a new file by the named of secret.jpg.
Try to open the file secret.jpg.
In a flash there will be no the difference with file cantik.jpg your own except the measure of file to be growing larger.
you still able to open the file with Picture Editor or your Image Viewer .
There's no marking that be in fact is contain a dodol.rar file in it.

nem-6 :
How to open your secret file or dodol.rar file?
Right click at result.jpg then select [ Open With] –>–> [ Choose Program..]. Select;Choose WinRar then click [OK].

You'd can see yourdodol file and can extract as usual.


  1. Wah jadi yang pertama nich...
    permisi mas, mau numpang baca-baca tapi kagak ngerti hehehehe... salam kenal ya dari yang baru bikin blog.


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