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Get money with Yuwie

make money with yuwieHere's the practical method to make money from the internet with Yuwie.

Yuwie is the social networking site like facebook, friendster, or MySpace ,and the difference is, Yuwie pays it's members a portion of their ad revenues. Yuwie pays its members for using the site, for every action and activities they take on the site and for every action resulting from previous actions. Join yuwie here

How it works..?

Every day, users view millions of pages by surfing on each others pages, exchanging messages, commenting on pictures, writing blogs, and so on. On every page, advertising is displayed. Every time a user follows one of this adverts, the website get paid for the click. So far nothing exceptional, pretty much like myspace or facebook one would say.

Now, with other social networks, users are doing all the hard work by posting content, inviting and sharing with their friends, and clicking on ads, the website make millions of dollars in advertising every day, and they keep it all to themselves. Does that seem fair?

Here, there is a difference: at the end of each month they count their revenue, and share it with their users. Not only that, but they track and keep record of the activity of each person you refer, and each person they refer, and so on and so on, up to 10 levels/tiers. Not only are you getting revenue from your activity, but also from your friends activity, and their friends activity, and the friends of their friends activity. Needless to say, it adds up.

Here's an example of what could happen. The chart below assumes you refer 3 people, and those 3 people refer 3, then those refer 3, through 10 levels. If each referral has 1000 page views, or impressions, per month, and the month's Revenue Sharing Rate, RSR, is $0.50.

yuwie tutorial
Tips to Promote Your Yuwie

1- Write a little post telling people about your Yuwie adventure and make a link in the post to yoursitename.yourprospex.com.
2- Post your blog entry to digg.com, blogcatalog.com and twitter.com, to gain some huge exposure.
3- Don’t forget to use the invite a friend feature to start earning yourself some money

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