Monday, April 20, 2009

Healing Stress with Fishing Craze PC Game

Do you like playing PC Games, or are you a game maniac..?
Ok, this is just my game that which i've played this game when boring or stressed at my work .

Yes..Sometimes i play games on my PC for relaxation. I have to concentrate on the game and it helps me forget about what is causing me bored or stress. and some people said that playing games can heal the stress, Althought it's might not be the primary reason all the time, but games are a form of escaping from reality, and as a side effect that tends to make us forget about our troubles for a moment.

Healing Stress with Fishing Craze PC Game
Ok, to download The Fishing Craze Game and try different games , please check out here: Free PC Games


  1. Goods idea, :)

    but, I would rather healing with music.
    du....du....du....duuu. :D

  2. Wow, this game's pretty interesting. I've been playing flash games to ease out stress from work. I'll try this game you've posted. Thanks for the suggestion!


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