Sunday, July 26, 2009

Configure your bittorrent n make download faster in windows

What is torrent file? The meaning of "Torent" is control files for the peer-to-peer file sharing technology called BitTorrent.The torrent file is simply the bootstrap for this whole process. You download that normally, for example in your web browser, and then it is read by your BitTorrent client. It has the information that the BitTorrent client then uses to begin to locate other BitTorrent clients that are serving up the file you are interested in. sometimes used to refer to the file being shared using BitTorrent, ,"torrent.file" is a specific file with specific information that is used to bootstrap the file download.

Following are torrent file download process also tips make doanload faster:

1- First, download and install (here) bitTorrent.exe
2- Download-Install Ultra Accelerator
3- Open Bit torrent ,click at options - preferences - advanced - choose "net.max_half open" - change value with "70" or "80" or "90" , then click "set" , then "Ok".
download bittorrent4- Install patch EvID4226Patch223d-en for your windows operating system ,this process needed your windows installation CD ,if done restart PC.

5- Dwonload All aplications above (bittorrent.exe, ultra accelerator, patch EvID4226Patch223d-en ) here: Bittorrent suport tools

Use your Torrentt favorite search engines to finding your interest torrent file, like :

Done, stay and enjoy with your movies or songs ....have a nice day :D


  1. wow is nice information, tapi aku suka gagal kalo donlotnya napa yah

  2. Aku sering bermasalah kalo download pake torrent, sebenernya lebih cepet pake torrent apa download biasa aja si ya??

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