Saturday, January 16, 2010

Transparent notebook by samsung ,OLED Display Laptop

transparent notebook samsung oled displaySamsung transparent notebook - to demonstrate the advantages of OLED technology, Samsung introduces a unique laptop. If the condition of this laptop screen is turn off becomes transparent, with 40% of light can penetrate from behind.

While the notebook in turn, users will see the icons and applications on the screen, and does not appear any image in the background.

Samsung Manufacturer, Sony and others interested in OLED technology because these technologies provide the ability in terms of lighting, display a clearer image and use less energy.

In this week, Samsung also issued IceTouch it's an MP3 player with a transparent screen 2 inches wide. Users can control MP3 player with a soft knock on the back of the screen, while a video display on the screen goes ahead.

Samsung says that the 14-inch screen is a transparent OLED panel prototype is the first time the widest in the world.

Samsung transparent notebook, the technology is still in the developmental stage of research, but the panel was very promising in the future.

Samsung transparent laptop ,I think it is safe to say that this tech is not going to be coming to low-cost netbooks anytime soon. but it was just too cool not to share with you all free7 readers..

If you're really have to see it in action to get the full effect, so check out the short youtube video below

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