Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Li Qin and Li Zhuangping Hot Paintings

Li Qin is a sweet Chinese girl who was willing to be a model of her (Li Zhuangping ) father's paintings in nude poses. While most china culture observers make a statement that the zhuangping li act is violated ethics and culture.

Li Zhuangping having his daughter be his nude model has caused heated discussion. Ethnics expert states, from an ethical point of view, Li Zhuangping’s Paintings are indeed wrong, affecting relatively negatively society’s sexual morality.

But they make different statements, "'No matter what colored glasses other people wear to look at us, we are very magnanimous ,Oriental goddess hill ghost Series a goddess painting-sets mainly t0 the expressions, and everyone gave a love between man and nature, man and animals, between people living in harmony, the world becomes a better , peace, freedom, happiness! "' theme, Li Zhuangping added.

Li Zhuangping , a Sichuan Painter which having his daughter be a naked model has caused hot discussion. Although Li Qin has made a statement that she is only willing to be a model for her father’s paintings and not accept being a model in other ways such as magazine . Not only does! Li-Zhuangping and his daughter ex-plain that this is purely for arts, Li Qin's mother (Li Zhuangping's wife) also agreed and said!! that her daughter is so pretty , those paintings such a beautiful way to capture her youth, an opportunity she sadly did not have when she was young and beautiful before, Zhuangping 's wife says.., Colect Li Qin Paintings

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  1. Well.. the artists can paint anything that one can have never imagined in his/her vast imagination..
    Rest.. some of them even create history..
    let's see what does this do..


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