Friday, March 19, 2010

Protect email from spam

Many ways to avoid spamming from mail spider or mail grabber as mail address protection on website or blog pages ,one of way is change the @ sign with [at] or the dot sign with "dot" , for example below:

- if your email address is : , then change with :busby[at] or busby[at]gmail dot com
- if your mail is :, then change with :seo[at]yahoo dot com
-or if your mail is, change with :iwan-at-hotmail-dot-com

Mail spider or mail grabber are the programs that in used by spammers, which use the work algorithm with "mailto" variable then searching the @ sign and dot ,then the domain name : com,net and others.

Another solution to protect your mail address is with the javascript , this way will be still appearing the @ sign and dot at your mail address which want to presented on your website or blog pages . ok, look at following :

<script language="javascript">
<!-- by free 7 blogger - -->
<!-- begin
user = "mailname";
site = "";

document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + user + '@' + site + '\">');
document.write(user + '@' + site + '</a>');
// end -->< </script>

Usage :

Change at the text with red colour by the name of your mail and the email site provider .and place into your web/blog page.

Please to copy-pasting into your web-page, with JavaScript is better protection.
Or for example look at my email address at underside of my profile.

This is my old post from here, and I posting again because the article was a mess and the keywords have been damaged in search engines, Perhaps caused of the spam comments

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