Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peter Steele Dead, is it true he has died ?

Peter Steele's death, is it true? Peter Steele, lead singer of metal band Type O Negative, has died at age 48. Peter Steele's Friend, Juliya Chernetsky from Fuse TV deliver the news via twitter account, Juliya had confirmed the rumor of Steele’s death from Kenny Hickey (the guitarist of Type O Negative.) . " Peter Steele had to go today, I love my friend, my idol with the band and their families," she said.

peter steele dead photo
A second post says that Steele has died of heart failure, and another rumors that he was suffering from AIDS, at the end of his life. While some news stating that he had attempted suicide.

But, about P.Steele's Death still requires confirmation because Steele had faked his death in 2005.

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