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Baby songs ,7 free Beethoven music therapy for babies - Download

baby songs music downloadAccording to the experts, mother's voice and classical music can set a fast or slow heartbeat of the fetus and infant, as well as stimulate the baby's weight gain. Babies were given music therapy, they have physical growth more faster than those who were not given the music. Apart from that their resistance to disease is much greater than babies who never played the music at all.

The parents all want to have a bright child, and had no trouble in their emotional growth. To get it all, who not only needed enough nutrition, but also required adequate stimulation since children are still in the womb. Stimulation at best, in the sense of getting a response from the mother and the fetus is the sound of classical music. This opin1on is based on the research in 1980s, by Dr. Alfred Tomatis , an expert psychologists and education from French. The study showed that mother's voice and classical music can stimulate the brain, causing a specific motoric movement 1n the fetus and newborn infant, the another study at the Yale School of Medicine showed that surgery patients listening to music required less sedation. And a 1999 study found that listening to music after abdominal surgery can reduce post operative pain.

Today so many hospitals play baby songs and Classical music in their neonatal and pediatric units in order T0 provide a calming, healing, and soothing environment for the babies.

As we know that Babies are great listeners and are extremely aware of the sounds around them. So to create a calm environment, get a wide range 0f the best baby songs and lullabies you can. And if you can find music that you enjoy as well as your baby, it will not only help maintain your baby’s health and speed healing, but it will also help to keep your own blood pressure down at the same time. Another benefits are :Babies are introduced to musical sounds, Music enhances your baby's behavior and cognitive skills, Relieves stress for the entire family, and Will stimulate curiosity and an interest in music.

Baby Classical Music that most recommended for babies are Mozart & Beethoven..

Beethoven Download
  2. Song-For-Baby-Beethoven- 03
  5. Music For Baby Beethoven 02
  6. Song Music For Baby Beethoven 04
  7. Music For Baby Beethoven- 01

Mozart Download
Mozart Baby Songs - Einstein Baby-Music For Little Ears Download


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