Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to make a video tutorial using Camstudio software + youtube tutorial

Surely you've often seen the video tutorials, either through youtube or directly in a blog or website, Or, if you ever buy information products are usually always comes with video tutorials. The function is to clarify the steps that must be done. Now, the question is, how to make video tutorials on your blog or website?

About how to make a video tutorial is actually quite easy, because many sites that provide good tutorial video makers who paid or free, and of course, that I will give here is a free program, free7 is free .. free .. free .. free .. free .. free .. free ... always .. hahaha ...

The tutorial video recording software that I recommend is CamStudio, I think CamStudio is best and the most excellent and software of free tutorial video maker ,easy to use compared to other free softwares. Camstudio can record the activity on the screen either on a particular part only or the whole area of the monitor. The result can be saved in AVI and FLV formats, plus you can record audio also.

So, to find out more details, please download here: Download Camstudio
Other download link :

Learn from the youtube video below about how use the software!

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