Monday, January 31, 2011

The luxury resort atmosphere of beach houses

The coast house area such as newport beach houses in California, always usually has been synonymous with a luxury resort atmosphere, because in my opinion, the coastal environment itself already offers a relaxing atmosphere in a luxury taste. Even the beach house can also become a status symbol of wealth and economic capabilities, therefore tourist area with many beaches, usually have luxury vacation homes or condos.

Architectural Designs of beach houses, should be more concerned with specific coastal climate, that is, wet tropical climate that's influenced by sea water vapor, so making the air around the coast to be moist. Accordingly, home furniture will get damp, if not balanced by good natural air circulation. In a sense, furniture such as wooden cabinets can be quickly decomposed when moist air gathered in a corner.

I think the use of iron materials should also be avoided as much prone to rust

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