Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love and Chocolate

chocolate and loveHow do you express your love? Will it be the flowers you send and the words you say every day? It is difficult to answer the question about the meaning of love with the things which are used in expressing the feeling that they have. If someone says that he or she loves you then what do you do in knowing how much they love you and whether it is true or not and to make sure you will sometimes ask for things that you have to get to get the proofs that they are really love you.

The Chocolate is considered as a thing to represent love and cares. I am sure that you are one of the people who got chocolate as the symbol of love from your mates. Do you know why they gave you chocolate? Let us say that it is the continuations from the past tradition that always use something sweet to express love that they fell.

In order to be trusted they will choose the most expensive chocolate and most of them will also include flowers to be given to you. Okay, now what do you mean by giving chocolate to your mates? Actually there is a philosophy about giving chocolate. It is about the taste of the chocolate itself, it was made for a sour fruits and processed to be a very sweet chocolate, just like love, from bad to good and from nothing to be something. So, by loving somebody you will able to feel the process that will make you better.

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