Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chating Yahoo! Messenger with more than 1 ID

Typically when you want to Chating make use of Yahoo! Messenger,only 1 ID be able

how do if you want to open more than 1 ID...Ok..folow these steps..

1. Copy the code below and Paste into notepad..


2. Save As with *.reg Extension file (example: banana.reg, cake.reg, egg.reg)
3. after these double-click egg.reg file that (for example) - have confirmation"Are you sure you want to add the information in to the registry" - select "Yes".
4. Finish... Open your YM - login and open again, open again with other ID........

hope that useful..


  1. hehe..thanks..i'm glad if u like these ..these ones tweak is my first innovation of Yahoo! messenger uder tweak registry...we have no needed multi messenger softwares.


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