Thursday, December 6, 2007

Easy steps to faster dial up connection modem

Maybe this tips be useful for Dial Up Connection users.

So you must be tired of your slow as dial up connection, running at max 54 kbps, and i was worse,24 kbps. But then i found a tweak that allowed me to with a dial up modem at 115 kbps.
Ok, follow these steps, and if you get an error saying"modem not responding", go back and delete the extra code that you put in, and restart your computer and everything should be fine again.

Here is what you do:

1. Go to start menu.

2. Open your control panel.

3. Open phone and modem options (Xp users will have to click "switch to classic view" on the left side to see this option)

4. Select modem tab.

5. Select your modem and click properties.

6. Click on the advanced tab.

7. Then you will see a box that says advanced settings...and under it a text box with "Extra initialization commands"

8. In the text box put &AX&FX just how you see it in this text.

9. Click "OK" to close that box.

10. Click "OK" again.

And you have now tweaked your modem to connect at very high speed for a dial up modem.

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  1. ia that useful? Or it just the connection speed between your com and modem?

    Comment from Johnny

  2. nice info wan..sangat benmanfaat tutorial kali ini :)

  3. johnny, you saying un illogical words,
    (masalah dr modem ke com, mah ga usah pake setting2, script etc, ganti kabel baru aja...blm di coba dah komment duluan)

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