Friday, February 29, 2008

The Hacker Opinion By Pretty Girl

Do yuo actually think that hacking is easy?. But my self is not a hacker but i am a programmer and IT practical ,..let's sharing with me..i can tell u that damn sure that hacking is not a game its a psychology that every one must respect hacking is nothing but making a good program in whatever computer language you like for instance C, C++,perl,python...etc..but one thing for you must read hard and try to make some small harmless viruses (Not to harm anyone) hack only if u have to (like someone cheat with you) then there are pleanty of software that can help you can be found on internet also my self can help you. Trus me I can hack any one i like but i dont because it is not my passion and it hurts my dignity.

Do you actually think that hacking is easy? Most of the time we fail. Thats why we’re up all night working. Hacking can be used for revenge, work and also cracking.

Hackers use their knowledge to discover whats inside systems.
Crackers use the information they find to their own benefit…

Yuo can’t learn hacking like that people… As mentioned few times above, Hacking is just NOT EASY. Years of dedication to computer and networks would teach u some hacking. Trust me on this… You wanna learn hacking?? Learn programming, networking, computer architecture… etc.. Dedicate urself in one direction… but get knowledge and info about computers and networks as much as u can… Its a neverending process… Hacking is really huge and deep… There is no alternative to be a hacker unless you keep learning about computer, practise programming, reading technical articles and gathering knowledge… HACKING IS JUST AND EXTENDED VERSION OF PROGRAMMING… after you learn the programming you learn the tricks of using it to hack.
you can be an ametuer by using some tools or trojans or stuffs like that… but that will take you no where near being a hacker… they r just child’s play.



  1. Wow suhu semakin menunjukan jatidirinya..kayak siluman aja nih postingannya heheheh

  2. Jati di ri opo tho suhu-ku sayang..lha wong cuma opinion...wayoo siapa yg siluman..hihihi

  3. hayooo..
    sesama suhu dilarang saling menyebut siluman *halah*



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