Friday, February 29, 2008

Yahoo! Security and Tips

Here are some tips for Yahoo!users...
I don't believe that and you shouldn't either. Yahoo never sends out emails asking for you to update your password or user information. Therefore it would be difficult for somone to get caught up in a phishing scam if they were paying attention.

1. if the path says something like it's not an official Yahoo Page. (another note on this Tripod is not a part of Yahoo so there would be no reason for there to be a yahoo login on a tripod website).
2. if the path says then it isn't an official yahoo page.
3.,, are official yahoo pages.
4. if you get an email or PM telling you yahoo needs you to update your information., delete it and move on. Yahoo doesn't send out PM's or Emails asking you to update your information. EVER!
5. Should you get one of these emails and aren't sure mouse over one of the links without actually clicking it. The true path will show itself. Should you see something like http://202/55.88/132/yahoo/index.html then you are dealing with a phishing scam and should just delete the email.
6. Here is a list of official Yahoo Logins that I know of:

If you see a yahoo page on a domain other then or one of Yahoos foreign sites, then it isn't a Yahoo site.

Companies that I have seen yahoo phishing sites on that aren't related to Yahoo.
The / indicated a site name before the domain name

I am not trying to make anyone look bad or feel stupid with this, im just trying to help keep people from losing names.

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