Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Although each new version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint has played with the layout
of the buttons on the tool bars, you can move the buttons around. You can also add
buttons and create or modify the button images, if you choose.
So, how do we do add a Save As button to the Word toolbar? As an example, let's add a Save As button to Microsoft Word.....Here's how, step-by-step:

1. Start the Microsoft Word program.
2. Examine the icon toolbar, which should be right below the File / Edit / View
menubar. The first six toolbar icons in the default toolbar are: New Document, Open,
Save, Permission, Print and Print Preview.
3. Right-click on any of the icons. It doesn't matter which. Notice that you get a
nice long list of possible toolbars -- and "Customize..." is at the bottom of the list
Microsoft Word - Toolbar Selection Menu (click on the image for a larger version)
4. Left-Click on "Customize..."
5. On the resulting Customize dialog box, click on the Commands tab
Microsoft Word - Toolbar Customize Dialog Box (click on the image for a larger
There are two columns — Categories and Commands. Categories correspond to the
items on the main menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc) plus a few more. Commands
correspond to the items that show on those main menu bar pull-down menus (plus a
few more).
6. Let's scroll the Command section downward so that it shows "Save As..." as one
of the options.
Microsoft Word - Toolbar Customize Dialog Box - SaveAs
(click on the image for a larger version)
7. This is the cool part -- the tricky part -- the part that isn't obvious. When you
have this dialog box open, you can drag any of those commands up to Word's
toolbar and drop them wherever you want them to be.
Left-click on the "Save As..." entry and drag it up onto the toolbar, just to the right
of the regular Save icon. Notice that, when you hover the Save As over the toolbar,
you will see the "insertion cursor" that shows you where Windows will place the icon
if you let go.
Microsoft Word - Toolbar Customize Dialog Box - SaveAs Text Button
(click on the image for a larger version)
8. We're almost done. But, the toolbar has the words "Save As...", while I'd rather
have an icon — especially an icon that has been used for years to mean "Save As".
Fortunately, that's easy, too...

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