Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Computer Running Slowly

Most of the time, when our computers are running slowly, it's because of all the things we have running in the background. Computer manufacturers seem to delight in loading up computers with 10 to 12 programs that run automatically and put little
icons in the Windows Status Bar.
One would hope that these programs didn't interfere with our other computer
activities. But, all too often, that is not the case.
So, how can you get them under control?
There are a number of tools that will let you control programs that start
automatically — if you can figure out which ones you don't need...
For example, if you use Microsoft XP's built-in "msconfig.exe," you can stop many
programs from starting automatically. Just uncheck the box beside a program to prevent it from starting automatically. But, you really need some of those — and need some of them for Windows to work (you'd think that MS would keep all of those out of msconfig, wouldn't you?).

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