Thursday, March 13, 2008

Relax Tips

Removing MSN from XP
Microsoft does not want you to remove MSN like all other software. Basically, they are imposing MSN on you. I hate this kinda attitidue that huge software firms have, same with AOL. Anyway, I found an alternative way to remove it.

Type or cut and paste this:RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%infmsmsgs.inf,BLC.RemovePS this is one command line although it may appear on here as two because of paragraph wrap

Moving my documents to a new partition
If the partition that windows is installed in gets too big you can move your documents folder to an alertnative drive

Make a new folder in the drive you want to move the documents
From the start menu, right click 'my documents'. Click 'move' in the 'Target' tab and type in the new location. Click ok. That's it!!


  1. simple but useful tips, Mas-ter...

  2. can u help me?how does manner distinguish between windowsxp original and faked that install at computer

  3. all windows is original, faked is in serial number. using genuine serial number or not,
    you can use Advantage Diagnostic Tool to do it, manner distinguish windowsxp original or not ,download link below:

  4. it's genuine serial number, if u need:



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