Friday, March 14, 2008


Business world has become more and more competitive. A good strategy in marketing is needed to achieve business goals. Now many companies are interested in using blog advertising to promote their products, services, or websites. It seems that this strategy is very effective because it can increase the popularity and the traffic to their websites by getting links from high rank blogs. The more backlinks they get, the better they will be.

Smorty can really understand this condition and tries to function as a bridge which connects advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers need bloggers to advertise on blogs while bloggers need advertisers to blog for money. So, this kind of business relationship is good for both sides. By taking advantages of this business opportunities, bloggers will get paid for blogging. What they should do is writing reviews or opinion articles on advertiser's campaign. Do you also want to

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  1. Smorty oh smorty kalo PR-3 laku nggak ya...


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