Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spock- the best for people search

Hello readers, i hope this post be useful , about a new seacrh engine spock.
Spock, a new search engine that searches for people, spock that helps you find friends and colleagues on the Web.

I'm so excited about Spock ,although i'm writing this opinipons because they are paying me for this review...hehehe

Spock- the best for people search and they have combines two very powerful forces. First,their technology organizes web content about people into easily understood search results. they search for information on biography pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, directories… pretty much every place imaginable on the internet. Spock is finally taking its people search engine public this morning, at least in beta mode. Although I’ve seen a demo, which looked promising, I can’t tell you how good it is until I see the real thing. But there’s certainly a need for better search technology for finding people, because it’s pretty hit-and-miss today, despite some interesting efforts, from ZoomInfo to LinkedIn to Wink. (TechCrunch has more on the field here and on Spock’s debut here.) Good as Google can be for general searches, it hasn’t nailed people search yet either—and you can bet it’s going to give it a better shot too.

In my opinion is: Spock- the best for people search and information search engine, Let’s try using a different meaning of the term people search. And if you are trying to find someone on the web, and do not know where to go on the net, visit I am confident you will get the relevant information there, After joining .

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