Friday, July 3, 2009

Megan Fox Is a Man ,Do you believe?

megan foxUp until now the pretty and sexy actress Megan Fox was gossiped as a transsexual person . Currently Megan acknowledges himself indeed the man. That it was said Megan when attending Golden Globes last Monday. Megan fox that was talked as the duplicate of Angelina Jolie, acknowledged himself the the interview , megan said "I look like Alan Alda in drag. I’m a tranny. I’m a man."

In the fact, now megan fox has cleared the air and officially reported, that she’s really a man.

Megan Fox was born "Mitchell Reed Fox" in Rockwood, Tennessee. From an early age, Mitchell showed an interest in both performing and women’s clothing. When having a preacher lay hands on him did not ‘cure’ him of these interests, his parents simply put him on the pageant circuit.

megan fox is a manBy the age of 13, Mitchell had already started a career as a female child performer called ‘Megan Fox’. Making her debut on an Olsen Twins straight-to-video release, the twins have kept his secret all this time.

As a sweet 16 present, Fox’s parents offered him sexual reassignment surgery, which, given their child’s career, they’d hoped to write off as a business expense. Unfortunately laws prohibit such surgery to be done to minors.

Since then Megan has been working non-stop, and been included on many Hottest Women lists in publications around the world.

Megan, as she goes by now exclusively, also noted this Sunday how much she wants Salma Hayek’s figure. She has even scheduled surgery later this month to get it. After the two met in New York this week, Hayek offered to have a cast made of her bust so doctors can match them exactly on Megan Fox’s chest.

The internet is already speculating whether this news will be worked into the plot of the upcoming Transformers sequel.
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  1. wow! she (or should I say HE?) so cute

  2. LOL! You guys believe everything you read on the internet? Please google what is Weekly World News. Its a tabloid newspaper alike MAD MAGAZINE. Heres another Weekly World News headline for you.

  3. The is a crap web as it mention that megan at age 13 started a female career and thats means she done a plastic surgery at age 13 or below. But to do a plastic surgery must be at age of 18 and above. This is a LAW! People saying that she has a adam's apple and so she was said to be a man. But adam's apple can appear to a women too. It just being rare for women to have a adam's apple.

  4. then the next movie should not be called transformer but transgender

  5. just accept it...she's a male...

  6. stupid people!!!!do you believe in that stupid website? i mean its just a blog that want money...thats why they post the topic that Megan Fox is a news channels didn't even broadcast it....think people think...

  7. lucky, i am not her fans :)

  8. Just trying to find out the truth. It's shocking!

  9. lol That is the funiest thing i have ever herd about my self, and for all of you losers out there i im not a man trust me im a chick. !)

  10. she is not a man
    u guys get over it
    stop saying that becuz its not true
    and ur just saying that cuz ur jeaoulas and u have no life
    hahahahaha hehehehehe and yaaa i went there

  11. shut. the. fuck. up.
    she had a penis.
    a big.

  12. she's a man or woman in fact megan si really sexy. i love he/she to suck my dick..hahaha

  13. :(( who cares ... Yall are probely lieing to get money ...shes still hot

  14. damn!!..i already posted her poster on my bedroom wall...

  15. Your all full of shit if you Believe this


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