Friday, May 16, 2008

duplicate image finder

Hello..Duplicate Image Finder the application can find duplicate images and search through your images collection and find duplicates not only by file name or size, but also by visual similarity on your computer.
Duplicate Image Finder compares images like you do: it compares 'what they look like' on the screen. Quickly find duplicate image files on your computer.

You can set the level of required match in percentage, and thereby extend the range of files that are considered duplicates. The found duplicates can be compared side-by-side and then be deleted or moved. Duplicate Image Finder can compare JPEG, BMP (bitmap), and GIF files.
With Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder uses advanced level algorithms to find similar images in a way that a human does. Due to that fact it can find similar images even if they are in different image formats, different bit depth and image sizes, also you can specify a percent of image similarity that will be used

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