Saturday, August 9, 2008

Erotic Lounge - Free Music Download

Erotic Lounge free music downloadsIn the following my warez download, please take 2 of CD labels free music from erotic lounge, It's sexy songs what's delicious in hearing.

Disc: 1
1. Honey [Spatone 1 Dub] - Tosca
2. Be Nude, Baby [Album Version] - Jaffa3. Romantic Love [Album Version]
4. Anybody Here? [Album Version] - Naomi
5. Café Noir [Album Version]

6. Dance Naked Under Palmtrees [Album Version] - Mo’ Horizons
7. Another Geometry [Album Version] - Yonderboi
8. Olympic Girls [Album Version] - The Bobby Hughes Combination
9. Fever [Black Dog Mix] - A Guy Called Gerald
10. Absence of One [Album Version] - Recloose
11. Slomotion [Album Version]
12. Original Bedroom Rockers [Album Version] - Kruder & Dorfmeister
13. Go Back Home [Album Version] - The Strike Boys
14. Unlikely [Album Version]

Disc: 2
1. ‘N’ Jazz [Album Version]
2. Happiness [Album Version] - Pat Appelton, De-Phazz
3. Brazil [Album Version] - Antonio Carlos Jobim
4. Upper Left Hand [Album Version] - The Maxwell Implosion
5. It Takes a Theif [Album Version]
6. Azul de Você [Album Version] - Audio Lotion
7. Yes Baby Yes [Album Version] - Mo’ Horizons
8. Slowly [Album Version] - Waldeck
9. Cry Baby [Röyksopps Målselves Memorabilia Mix] - Spiller
10. Funkachild [Album Version]
11. Are U Comin’ [Album Version]
12. Love Yourself [Album Version] - Blue Six
13. Aachen-Brüssel [Hans Nieswandt Whirlpool Remix] - Genf
14. Badman & Throbin [Gabor Deutsch Lovely Vocal Remix] - Minus 8


Password: by_bugzz


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  2. oh omg, It's very sexy mv, thx for both album.

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  4. i cant download it!!! and i need it, pls can u send it to my e.mail???


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