Friday, August 22, 2008

How to posting HTML or Javascript codes

Hello bloggers, following is the way of , tips , and tool for blogger friends. about how to posting html or javascript codes, because sometimes you want to encode your text so that certain specials characters are preserved regardless of your user’s character set. This is done by replacing special characters with their HTML Entities. Unlike our HTML Encoder tool, this tool will change all special characters while preserving any HTML tags.

For example :
HTML code before encoding:

<a href="" alt="computer tips">
free7 blog

HTML code after encoding:

&lt;a href=&quot;; alt=&quot;computer tips&quot;&gt;
free7 blog

Javascript code before encoding

<FORM METHOD="post">

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Click me!"

OnClick = "hint_wnd =
'', 'hint_wnd', 'width=50, height=60, resizable=no, scrollbars=no' );
hint_wnd.document.write( 'Hello all!' );
return true;">

Javascript code after encoding:

&lt;FORM METHOD=&quot;post&quot;&gt;
&lt;INPUT TYPE=&quot;button&quot; VALUE=&quot;Click me!&quot;
OnClick = &quot;hint_wnd =
'', 'hint_wnd', 'width=50, height=60, resizable=no, scrollbars=no' );
hint_wnd.document.write( 'Hello all!' );
return true;&quot;&gt;

Move to : Encode JavaScript / HTML Entities Tool


  1. nice posting bro. but why do you never visit me again??? have you been become a blog celeb now??? and where did the link go??? i love you bibeh ...

  2. Boss, klo sebaliknya gimana?, itu-tu kode yang sudah di parse/encoding biar tampil di artikel spt artikel ini. Cepat donk jawabannya (biar tambah ilmu sedikit maksa boleh yuaaaa... he...he...he...)

  3. @ aris :
    kunjungi aja link ini coy :

    nanti kalo sempat post juga decode ini,

  4. Wew ... Thanks widget ato apalah itu namanya... :)

  5. mantap ya, langsung disediakan kotaknya jadi ga repot2. Gak kepikiran bikin ky gini.
    Btw, bang iwan, link saya (A-to-Z) diubah dong ke URL baru... *ngarep*

  6. Asyik juga bisa encoding disini..thanks ya Bos

  7. hueheheheh Phrase tohhhh !!! Good


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