Friday, September 12, 2008

way of other Customize your Icon and Background Flash Disk

Icon and Background Flash Disk
Ok, follow these steps to Customize your Flash Disk Background (usb flash):

To Customize the Icon your Flash Disk Drive:
1. Take the image to using icon , and giving name with "ico" extension ,(for example : sexy.ico)
2. Open the Notepad and write code bellow:
3. Save the file with File name :autorun.inf

4. Place the autorun.inf file and the icon (icon_name.ico) on root folder of Flash Disk.

To customize your Flash Disk Background Image:
1. Please Write code below on notepad:
IconArea_Image=Folder Settings/background_file.gif
2. Then Save the file with file name : desktop.ini

3. Place the desktop.ini file and the icon (icon_name.ico) on root folder of flash disk.
4. Now ,Create a new folder and renamed it to Folder Settings and copy the image (background_file.gif), to that folder.

IconArea_Text=0x000 -> 000 is the HEX color code (000 means black).Click here to see more hexa/html color codes, or look at right sidebar this blog.

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Iwan Rachmanto


  1. Thanks guys for sharing such a wonderful article with us.

  2. Hai Iwan... I have seen my friend's background flashdisk. The background is her photo. I asked her "How do you change the background?" But She didn't tell me. And now I find your blog. He...... It's work? I do not try it yet.
    Thanks for this tutorial.

    lam kenal

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  4. thanks all...
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