Monday, October 13, 2008

Keep waste files with aoutoexec.bat

Waste files that still was accumulating in hardisk Could make slow down efficiency of your PC, moreover could make stalled system. Indeed many applications that could help you cleaned waste files that. But we also could use aoutoexec.bat file to clean these wastes from hardisk.

Autoexec.bat file was the Windows configuration file that was undertaken automatically at the time of did booting. We could place script that could clean wastes in harddisk in autoexec.bat file, so as script this will be undertaken automatically at the time of booting windows.

Follow these steps:

1.Open Notepad
2.Then typed script below :
Set temp=c:\windows\temp
Set tmp=c:\windows\temp
Echo deleting temporary FilesDeltree /y c:\windows\cookies\*.*
Deltree /y c:\windows\history\*.*
Deltree /y c:\windows\recent\*.*
Deltree /y c:\windows\temp~1\*.*
Deltree /y c:\windows\temp\*.*

3. Save with Autoexec.bat file name in c:\
4.finish...restart your PC
Every time system booting all waste files like cookies would direct in cleaned ..

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