Sunday, November 23, 2008

Customize Friendster Layout-skin

layout fs skinHi, friendster users, here's i provide links of free skins for your Friendster layouts, and with these you can use-to decorate your friendster profile.

Take-follow links below to see more nice pictures,photos,icons,gliters,gif,anime...etc



  1. Udah lama gak buka FS.... :D Pingin ganti layout ach.... siapa tahu jadi cantik :D

  2. wew...kiko dah gede, dah waktunya merit n jadi mama masih maenan fs aja...
    pd gede grimis dikit td pagi ko...aku liatin sambil minum teh anget...makanya berenti kerja aja...:D

  3. hehehehe.....

    ntar kalo jodohnya sudah datang, tak kan lari kemana koq mas...

  4. dah lama ngga utak atik FS lagi, dah hampir 4 bulan, n kayaknya ngeblog aja deh yg pling bagus..
    tergantung ya..?

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  6. nice blog. custumize layout friendster more again. thanks you for information


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