Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Graphics web tools

Make Headings, 3D Headings and spinning text for Free at:


Make great logos and buttons at:


Make cool animated banners and logos for Free at:


Do you need Free graphics for your web page. Icon Bazaar is one of the best collections of free graphics you will find. Check out:


Need Free graphics for your web page? This following website that will show you over a hundred places to get free graphic websites.


Quickbanner is an easy to use, free tool which allows you to create professional-looking banners and icons quickly and easily.


ColorServe Java - A java enabled program that not only gives you the different color codes, but let you see how different colors (text, links, background, visited links, etc) look together.


Create Free Animated Banners and Buttons Instantly.


GIF & JPEG Cruncher - Keeping your image sizes small helps your page load faster. This website compresses your images, and gives you a number of results to choose from. Links to JPEG cruncher, so you can get all the images on your site. Use the GIF & JPEG Cruncher for FREE at:


WinGrab - Can capture screen images and store the images as JPEG or TIFF files. In addition the program has many options for printing - prints any number of images on the same page - useful for making pages with thumbnail images to show the content of a directory or for printing many copies of an image on the same page. get it for FREE at:


WebGFX is an online graphic generator where you can create professional looking graphics in seconds for FREE.


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