Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Website Promotional Tools

Autoresponders, alternatively called autobots, or mailbots, automatically respond to email within minutes with a response that you prepare. This occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can concentrate on other services of your business -- while instantly serving your customers' needs.

Get Free Autoresponders at:



The below Autoresponder will send automatic follow ups:


Some search engines such as AltaVista use "spiders" to index web pages. These spiders read the information contained within a web page's META tag. For this reason it is very important to have Meta Tags in the html of your web pages if you want to be ranked highly in these Search Engines. If you do not know how to make Meta Tags we have found excellent software that will create Meta Tags for you. The best part is this software is absolutely Free! To get your free copy go to:


A great way to create more traffic to your web page is by joining banner exchanges. Here are a few of the best:




Over 9,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide.


If you are looking for advertisers for your website, newsletter, etc. contact the companies that you think could benefit by advertising with you. The following website has a list of over 750 large corporations with websites. Most advertise online and some have very big online advertising budgets.


Add your website to the top 50 Search Engines for FREE! Search Engines include all the big ones such as Alta Vista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Webcrawler, Yahoo, etc. Check it out at:


Here's a handy little tool that will submit any URL to over 16390 FFA Free Link Pages with a simple click of the button! Submit your page for FREE at:


Do you submit your web page to the major Search Engines? Find out where your webpage is listed in the Search Engines. Try it for FREE at:


Want to add a great way for your customers to receive information from your website. Check out this cool little auto-responder cgi script. Best of all it's FREE! Check out:


Classified Ad Submitter - Use this ad-submitter to submit your ad to hundreds of classified ad websites & FFA's faster than you ever could before!


Gain a powerful competitive advantage by communicating to your customers through an e-mail list. Start a Free mailing list at:


The Promoter - They will promote your websites through 800 Places in exchange for a link on your site. Check it out at:


BigMailBox - Offer web-based email from your site. Get repeat visitors and let your visitors spread the word about your site everytime they send mail. Easy set-up, no cgi required.


BannerPlus - Start your own banner or link exchange with this FREE CGI script. This banner exchange software for use on unix servers. It is easy to install and configure using the auto-configure function. Check it out at:


Birdcast - Lets your visitors recommend your site to their friends. A very easy CGI script to install and to help you promote your site. Get it for FREE at:


FastAward - Get visitors to your site by sponsoring an award. This script makes maintaining and giving an award simple. The database automatically accepts applications, lets you review them, and upon approval, adds them to a winners database. Get it for free at:


Need a free method for providing classified ads on your web site? The e-Classifieds Free Edition allows you to quickly set up your own classifieds section using easily configurable categories and other variables. Get your for free at:


AgentWebRanking - Lets you monitor your search engines positions and increase web site visibility, plus has lots of other tools keyword density measuring, etc.) built in. Get it for free at:


Aesop Award Submitter - This simple, easy to use program will automatically submit award requests to the nearly 100 award sites including the 8 most important awards on the web. Get it for free at:


So you have an e-zine and you want to increase the number of subscribers you have. How about swapping ads with other e-zines that reach your target market, for free? Sounds good, but gets a bit hectic without some way of organizing who you made swaps with and who you owe swaps to. Get the Ezine Ad Swap Tracker Pro foe FREE at:


Recommend-It makes it easy for visitors to send a message to a friend or colleague recommending your site. You add a simple HTML code to your page and visitors of your site could send an e-mail message to a friend from your site, with an introduction message that you have written. Check out this FREE service at:


The one stop place to submit your site to the biggest search engines and directories on the web. This is a totally free service. Check it out at:


JimTools.com - Auto submission to search engines and free for all links pages, search engines' position analyzer and links validator. Check it out at:


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