Monday, November 3, 2008

Tips make dual boot operating system windows xp and vista

Following simple tips of when you will use 2 operating system in your computer .

Ok, follow these steps:

Before all, download EasyBCD : .

1.Install your windows vista before windows xp
2.Take your Vista CD or DVD then boot , follow process when perform Startup Recovery
3.Restart, and Vista loads.
4.Install EasyBCD you which have download.
5.Now ,Run EasyBCD then goto "Add/Remove Entries"
6. Look at the version drop-down menu and select, Windows XP
7.Change the drive letter to one on which XP is installed, rename accordingly.
8.Take, "Add Entry" , then "Save"

Now, if you booting you will have two options Windows xp and vista, and you can choose one of that.

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