Friday, October 31, 2008

Tips for Documents over and over in Word

This is simple tips about managed your document in Ms word , Your documents over and over in word... You know that word keeps a list of the most recently accessed documents. You can even
see your most recent files in Start - My Recent Documents. Of course, that list is always changing, depending upon what files you open. What if you had a
permanent list of documents that
you could ALWAYS access, no
matter when the last time you
worked on them?

This will require you to customize
your toolbar.

1. Go to View – Toolbars –
2. Choose the Commands tab and
select Built-in Menus.
3. Choose Work from the list of
commands and drag it to your
4. Any time you want to add a
document to your Work menu,
Click on Work and choose Add to work menu.
Now any time you open Word, your list of documents
is permanently ensconced on your toolbar, accessible no matter when the last time you used the document.

Bonus tip: To remove a document from the Work menu, press Ctrl+Alt+Minus sign (-) and select the document you want to remove.
Wouldn't it be nice if we had a Work menu for each part of our lives. Imagine, a Work menu that contains chores, such as "Wash dishes," "Empty trash," and "Feed dog." Click on one, and it's done. I'll wait for Bill Gates to incorporate that into the next version.

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