Saturday, December 20, 2008

5 of sites template generator - make your own SEO Friendly blog or website templates

If you are dissatisfy with your own blog or website templates ,and wish to make your own design with easily without too expert in web codes ,so those template generator is good solution, because there's easy to used with elementary structure which is easy to comprehended, please expand your greaat ideas in design.
So following are 5 of the best Template Generator that. and best of all it's free:

1 -
This generator provide 11 skin to your blog is with three choice column to every skin. In this time this service support for templates or themes of :blogger, wordpress, diaryland, diary-x, movabletype, b2 and another free html site templates . here's the place suited for contestants of busby seo test in making the seo friendly template design .because there's you can add tagline, meta tag and including link to index, archives, enamel, stain, profile, buddylist as well as 5 entri to diaryland, 10 entri to movable type, calendar to b2, blogroll to wordpress, XHTML compliant and content copyright, webring, chat screen name and button. yes, so powerful .

There is online template generator for wordpress and movable type. If you wish to use this service, you require to do registration for free. Some the goodness fitur are to choosing among one to four column template, arrange widely of column, padding, margin, border, font and style link. you also can upload pictures or creating your own image design with image maker.

Here is the best WordPress Theme Generator, with online Generator service can assist you to make your own wordpress themes easily, although you without knowledge in html or css language .This service provide the choice to choose the name of your blog, measure of body, sidebar location and measures, add the third column, layout menu, text scheme and colour, you also able to add tag cloud, search box/form and archives.If you you have completed can see the results with previewing and downloading in zip.file

This site is HTML PHP CSS Website Template Generator, This online generator can make site template with PHP, at the same time with CSS and HTML.,and you also able to customize style sheet, header, sidebar, and footer by adding font, colour, margin and alignment ,You also able to make your own script which you can keep it.
Here's for blogger and movable type users, this have the choice of two and three column, you also able to add the site title , url picture and choose the font and colour.
Ok, please test and try


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