Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busby SEO Test

Sure, like the title that one of the purpose of this post is to taking part in Busby Search Engine Optimisation Challenge which was in opening by Busby Web Solutions .Although i've lost time during two months ago, Because this event was starting in Oct 1 2008 ago,And will be end at Januari 31 2009 next time ,And i recently got this information from someone of my friend. But it's not problem, I've keep enjoyed starting for it.

But of course as beginner like me ,It's not about my dream being number 1 or do-researching competitors to defeating in search engine game arena. This actions just to educate myself on my blogging activities and at least i'll getting better known about how the search engine like google was operate in crawling a page site.

I think an event likes Busby SEO Test was a good moment for beginner to gains great experiences ..Yes, if you are beginner like me, don't overcoming the fear of the SEO contest, It's just the game to taking advantage of any opportunities from this .
So, if you're also wanna taking this event to expressing your ideas ,
please do Register for SEO World Cup 2

After registering you can starting this competition with writing your great articles one by one and make that's getting better and better every times.
Don't forget to in confessing in this challenge you must make backlink to ,Use the anchor text :
Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge. or with the HTML code below:

Participant in the<a href="">
Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge</a>

If you're using blogger machine like me , I think the wise idea is placing the backlink code inside bottom section of post body like my page here , to do it is:

Login to your blogger dashboard and go to Layout - Edit HTML- Check the "expand widget" - look inside the box containing your template code and find the code below :


then ,place the backlink code under thats ,and all code will be appear likes below:

Participant in the<a href="">
Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge</a>

Next, clik save-button to saving you've mades.

The final purpose of this challenge is being number 1 with keyword :"Busby SEO Test on google data center - search engine results position.

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