Monday, December 15, 2008

Busby busby after 87 hours get 126 rank of my seo test

on busby seo test by seo explorer and on free-7 blogspot here's, although initially I don't too sure because late two months of twelve day i've taking plunge into this contest
in adding again rather pessimist because using free blogspot , yesterday i've taking a peep still not yet appear in 1000 rank in google data center

But few minute ago I see have entered the sequence of 126, i think it's fair to middling that actually a totalize of free blog my own, this means can also in playing to seo, and connote still have the opportunity go up to one months to the fore from the time remaining, rather penitent because I was late get information, if I start from early with other on oct 1 2008 at last then possibly my rank now have at least in sequence under 100

Now i .will continue to developing test-ting anda experimenting to get well by developing various variation of keyword busby seo test so that being well at google results. Anyways such as i ever told that mu spirit of here is especially to get the valuable Iesson from seo technique with rhis free-7 blog

Following Google Data-Center IP address , for who's needing, start from C Class - IP of Busby SEO Test Checker

Hope be useful

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